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December, 2012 | Painter Genie

Painter Genie

Custom Fabric in San Diego

Thursday, December 27th, 2012 7:58 pm | by vviannay


I have been designing and silkscreening custom fabric since 2007 in my San Diego art studio. Working with interiors designer has helped me venture in topic I would never thought I would get into. One day I was approached to design and create custom window treatment and 6 years later I expanded quite a bit. I have designed and printed upholstery to apparel fabrics. I have sold my scarves and bag designs at costco, fab.com, worked with fashion designers and now have a dish towel and apron collection. when you start thinking about it fabric is everywhere. We use it on a daily basis, there is so much to be done!
Check my shop to see the collection
or call me at 1858 336 6332 if you are interested to create custom fabrics.

New Dish Towels and Aprons Fabric Design

Monday, December 17th, 2012 3:55 am | by vviannay


I have created 36 new dish towels and aprons, they will be on sale on Fab.com starting 8am on the 27th December for three days.
They are fun, bright colored, many different styles to choose from. I am especially excited about these new designs like the Chinese Lantern print above, I am using more then one screen to design with. Prior all my work has been done with one screen. This allows me to use more colors, have more depth, it is definitely more complex.
I used 100 high quality cotton and my printing is eco and water based.
All the designing and printing is done in my San Diego Studio.
If you want to buy some now you can go to my shop page.

Faux tile La Jolla

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 8:21 pm | by vviannay


This is a good example of when faux is used at it’s best, faux tile, where you want tile, but you can’t get the size or shape for that particular area.

Contact Painter Genie for the best Faux Painting in San Diego, La Jolla and more.


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