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I have always loved drawing, ever since I can remember and was encouraged to draw and paint from a very young age. It’s definitely, for the ones who know me, the best way for me to express myself! Growing up, weekends were spent mostly going to art museums. I studied every brush strokes of the impressionist to the modern paintings at the Jeux de Paumes, the Louvres, Beaubourg in Paris or the Tate in London. I was raised in Paris and London. At 19, I set out for New York to attend the Parson’s School of Art and Design. I actually finished my studies back in London at Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design and got a Set Design BA.

The art work can take you in many directions but for me the basis is about color and form. I have worked in the movie industry for a decade in the art department, interior designing since 1998, set designed in London for the theatre in the 90’s and had a contemporary furniture business too. I collaborate with fashion designers since I started designing textile and printing in 2007. I now have a line of kitchen ware and accessories like scarves and bags with my prints. You can go to www.valentineviannay.com to see the collections.

I suppose the purpose of all of my work is to inspired others, to bring joy into their lives. If you are lucky an artist finds out early that it is a strength seeing life differently and you are here to expend other’s mind.
I see work as a journey for myself and the collaborator or client. Each project is a new experience and I hope to bounce off ideas with the people I work with and grow in the process.

my other websites are,

main work go to www.valentineviannay.com

for fabric prints and design www.vvfabrics.com


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