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Beginning of a 12 feet tall mural of the eiffel tower

Eiffel tower completed with soft sky and clouds , the tower is slightly streched on purpose to give it more dynamic

Close up of detail

Soft fantasy tree, matching the bedding colors and granting the child love for butterflies, they were all through the room

Close up of the tree

A butterflies resting on a long grass

Old world style map a ceiling. They are no borders on the map but each countries capital, with one imaginary one, for children to find. The names of famous explorers are written all around the room, like a crown molding border.

the Americas

Valentine at work

The cabinetry was painted as well

Close up of a door panel

A wooden cabinet replica of the Arch de Triomphe, however was painted with more joyful scenes with angels and ladies paying music. Faux lime stone blocks and trompe l\'oeil molding throughout.

Close up of arch with trompe l\'oeil molding

Lady playing the cello on a door panel

Close up of a basket

And angels playing with roses in the clouds

Imaginary castle inspired by a video game with fairies, a prince and princess and a dragon

Close up of the dragon

The universe with stars and planets in a boys room

The sun, mercury, jupiter and the earth above

Star wars theme, the wall is flat and the arched window draws you in

Valentine fighting Darth Vader

room under water with a peaceful blue and dolphins swimming all around

Close up of a dolphin

room filled with soft flowers and hidden fairies

fairy blower fairy dust

fairy perched on a mirror in bathroom

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