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20 feet long mural of two angles flying in landscape, was painted on canvas and streched on the wall like wall paper

man angel

lady angel

17 feet long mural of Triton and his son Poseidon with sirens and 17 century style dolphin. The mural has a marble carved effect.

In the process of being glued on the wall like wall paper

17 feet long mural in place

close up of one of the sirens

mural of a court ward in pompeii in the style of the romans paintings, most elements in this mural were taken from actual painting in pompeii.

this bowls was inspired by an existing painting in pompeii

bird and fountain was inspired by an existing painting in pompeii

peacock was inspired by an existing painting in pompeii

Restoration work of a mural painted by artist Hung Liu at UCSD in the media centre. The mural was very dirty, faded and had wall damages. This is a close up of a sleeve. The wall was cleaned, texture was restored and colors enhanced. The hard part was to make sure I respected Hung Liu work. Hung Liu did visit in 2010, 27 years later after the mural was originally painted and I was told she was extremely happy with the restoration.

restored detail of the same sleeve

The murals was part of Hung Liu thesus, inpired by old chinese legends

close up of a horse, restored

fish and condola

close up of fish

space before the mural at Casa Artelexia on Kettner in Little Italy, San diego

valentine painting the Virgin of Guatalupe in the early stages

Virgin of Gatualupe mural, in process

completed view from the entrance of Casa Artelexia

Virgin of Gatualupe mural inspired by all the naive style wall murals in mexico, probably painted by the villagers

Virgin of Gatualupe mural, naive style

Ocean tile mural outside Catalina island Casino

siren mural in a guest bathroom on Catalina Island inspired by the tile work

close up of siren

a fun crab, element from original tile mural

face in the golden sky with trompe l\'oeil window

Simple mural of the traditional vietnamese tree of life

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