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Painter Genie » New San Diego Souvenir Dish Towel

New San Diego Souvenir Dish Towel

Saturday, September 14th, 2013 5:40 pm | by vviannay


I am starting a line of city dish towels, this is the first one, I am actually not sure which will be next, possibly Seattle but maybe give me some ideas.
It was fun figuring out what to put on the dish towel, it really made me appreciate where I live, there is so much to do and see! I wanted to also add a little history, like the tuna can (San Diego was the biggest exported of tuna in a can from the 50’s to the 80’s), skate boarding was invented here, our unique Torrey pines, san dollars, pelicans, our historical land marks like the Coronado Hotel and Balboa Park, Del Mar race track. I ran out of space and had to choose to let go the zoo idea, seals, La Jolla land scape, the pier…it was tough i tell you!
Year ago I designed musical scarves for the opera houses around the world, like 20+ years ago, what I learned from that experience was how to work with a square layout and design something with the less colors (less screens) as possible. There is something about the shape of a square, it is already very dynamic as it is, adding different patterns inside a square can be very challenging. In the end I realized I should not worry about scale and made four small rows and three large ones, the eye suddenly can rest and enjoy what is inside.
you can buy these in my shop with free shipping in the US.

Please call me if you are looking for a unique custom dish towel for you or your shop.
1858 336 6332


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