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Poke Restaurant in UTC, Aloha!

Poke Restaurant in UTC

Palm trees and a rainbow mural

The surfers, hawaiian mural for a poke restaurant in UTC

Poke restaurant, hawaiian mural

UCSD Media Center mural, typography art, quotes and words

Main Corridor, UCSD

UCSD mural

Imagine, with loam overlapping, UCSD

Think, UCSD

Editing rooms corridor, UCSD

UCSD Mural in process

Projection corridor, UCSD

Summer clothes, Prairie Soul, La jolla

Close uo of clothes

CLose up of Lady

Prairie Soul, La jolla, each clothe item were sold in the store at the time, we changed the clothes on the mural every 6 months or so

Valentine next to Reservoir Dogs, to give you a sense of scale


Spraying and painting Easy Rider

the Red Shoes on surf board from the Endless Summer

Collage of wall 1, UCSD Media Center.

Voyage to the moon

Coallge of wall 2, UCSD

Computer sketch of a graffiti style mural in a Media Center in the studio rooms corridor, UCSD

stencil in process for mural

Close up of wall 2, UCSD

Apocalypse Now

Close up of wall 2, UCSD

Clint Eastwood

North by North West

Darth Vader and Fred Astaire

testing Erazer Head mural

Spraying Resevoir Dogs mural, UCSD

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